Black Rings


Black rings are a current fashion must have and there is a huge range available on sale. Black rings look good on both women and men, which makes them a stylish addition to anyone's jewellery wardrobe. If you appreciate traditional rings with a modern twist then a black ring could well be the answer. A plain black wedding ring is the ideal choice for the modern man who is proud of his married status and wants to display it with style. You'll find budget priced black rings for around fifty pounds, and if you have the money and the desire for designer rings then you can have your black ring accented with diamonds and circled in white gold. Most upmarket jewellers will be ahead of the trend with a choice of black rings in their window. If you want something unique then a black tungsten ring is ideal, some rings are plain and some are engraved with Celtic and other designs.

Zirconium Black Rings

A stylish but inexpensive jewellery item is a zirconium black ring. If cubic zirconium rings are not your thing then a black band with diamonds might be more appropriate or you might want a black diamond encased in white gold or platinum. One of the latest wedding fashions is for black tungsten ring; the main reason for their popularity is that tungsten carbide is virtually indestructible. Black tungsten is actually a more appropriate metal for rings that you plan to wear for the rest of your life because you know that it will stand the test of time. Black rings are different from the classic wedding band and if that is what you choose, you know that it will stand out from the hordes of people who prefer to stick to a platinum or plain gold band.

Black Ring Styles

There are different types and styles of black rings but they are not just designed to be worn as wedding bands, they can also be worn as fashionable jewellery items by men and women alike. Black tungsten Celtic styled rings are also favourite fashion items. Celtic laser engraving stands in stark contrast to the black of the band. Black diamond engagement rings are an expensive item but they are highly prized because the black diamond is rare. There is a belief among some scientists that black diamonds originated as a result of certain explosions in outer space. The stones for a black diamond engagement ring are often cut from a much larger stone. The blackness in the diamond is a result of the various minerals such as sulphide and magnetite rather than, like other coloured stones, the result of impurities. Black diamond engagement rings are not the preserve of women, the colour of the stone has a lot of masculine appeal that makes it extremely popular with men as well. As with other diamonds, a black diamond will look its best and keep its sparkle, if it is cleaned on a regular basis. No matter what sort of black rings you prefer, you can be sure that the one you choose will give you pleasure for a long time to come.